Demonstrate your institution’s value.

Amplify the value of your degree programs by bringing the nationally-recognized

Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential to your university.

Certified to Change the World

Why bring the CNP to your campus?

As leaders in education, we have the privilege of shaping the next generation of nonprofit professionals who will navigate the complexities of the social sector. The Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential is not a competitor to a traditional degree; rather, it is a partner that amplifies the value of higher education. The CNP credential is the bridge that connects knowledge with action, theory with practice, and ambition with achievement.

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The future of the nonprofit sector starts with us.

Together, we can offer our students a pathway to excellence that not only fulfills their academic aspirations but also propels them toward leadership and impact.

Nonprofit Management and Leadership Credentials

Why pair a Degree with a Credential?

  • Recruit new students to an employer-connected credential

  • Combine practice and instruction with applied activies and competency-based curriculum

  • Promote long-term alumni success. CNPs are 7x more likely to reach leadership positions

  • Expands career services with exclusive access to job prep content and open position postings

  • Introduce mentorship programs. Match with a CNP mentor to navigate career path

  • Increase credit enrollment. Campus-wide program means cross-departmental credit hours

  • Connect to global network of experts in the field, student and faculty peer groups, and CNP alumni

Together, we can change the world

Why bring the CNP to your campus?

Campus Partner, Coppin State University Mascot of a White Eagle posing next to a Nonprofit Leadership Alliance and Certified Nonprofit Professional Sign at an indoor sporting stadium

Improve student outcomes through community engagement

  • Recruit and retain students
  • Attract diverse students
  • Combine practice and instruction

Achieve student success

  • Enhanced career services
  • Benchmark student outcomes with pre- and post-assessment
  • Connection to employers, mentors, and networking
A group of diverse college graduates holding their Certified Nonprofit Professional Certificates in their hands with dark red graduation sashes from campus partner university of houston
Campus Partner, Central Michigan University graduate dressed in maroon regalia with orange certified nonprofit professional cords around their neck

Easy to implement on your campus

  • Program management platform
  • Marketing, recruitment, curriculum development support
  • Peer network of faculty across the country

What does it take to earn a CNP?

When you earn your CNP, you will be part of a global network of professionals leading teams that make our world better. Every person who wears a CNP badge meets five requirements. Hover over each icon to learn more.

volunteer service

Volunteer Service

professional experience

Professional Experience

nonprofit knowledge skills

Nonprofit Knowledge and Skills

leadership development

Leadership Development

general learning


samba Mboup

“This is by far the most valuable certification I had in college. You get hands on experience during the certification process by working closely with actual nonprofit organizations.”

Samba Mboup, CNP

ashely baker smiling

“The preparation I received for the nonprofit sector via my work to complete my CNP is unmatched by any class or lesson I have taken.”

Ashley Baker, CNP

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