Certified Nonprofit Professional

The CNP is the only nationally recognized credential in nonprofit management that showcases learning and real-world experience. The CNP means you will perform better in your job and be 7x more likely to lead in the workplace.

Professionals can consider two tracks to earn the CNP!

Professional Track

A 6-month facilitator-led cohort designed to move social sector leaders to their next level of leadership. The cost of $1,800 includes tuition, all course materials, a complimentary ticket to Elevate – a virtual conference for social sector leaders, access to the learner profile portal, networking opportunities with our 12k-strong community, and a digital badge.

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June 17, 2024 – December 2024

September 10, 2024 – March 2024

Accelerated Professional Track

Perfect for nonprofit professionals with significant experience looking to earn their CNP in an expedited manner. This track provides an independent, on-demand study and exam process for a total cost of $875.

Do you qualify for the Accelerated Professional Track? Then you might be a great candidate for the Advanced CNP! Learn how you can earn both the CNP and ACNP credentials at the same time.

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What track is right for you?

Professional Track

Accelerated Professional Track

How many years of experience do you have in the Nonprofit sector? At least 1 year. 8 years +
How much educational experience do you have? A bachelor’s degree in any major, or equivalent higher education and experience. This requirement can also be completed through military service or certificate specialty. Not sure if you qualify? Reach out to us. A bachelor’s degree in any major, or equivalent higher education and experience. This requirement can also be completed through military service or certificate specialty. Not sure if you qualify? Reach out to us.
How long does it take me to complete the program? 6-month cohort experience 3 or fewer months
How many people are in the cohort? Each cohort has approximately 25-40 learners. None. This is an independent self-study.
What is the weekly time commitment? Past learners report spending 3-5 hours a week on content and material. The recommended time is 3-5 hours a week for 12 weeks; however, you can review and complete the study guide and exam whenever it is best for you.
Is it facilitated? You have an expert facilitator leading you through six courses of content and providing feedback on your applied projects. These assignments take what you learn in the program and apply it to a real-world organization. At the end of the program, you’ll have a portfolio to leverage that next role! A self-paced program with knowledge checks along the way. These checks test you on key nonprofit competencies to help you prepare for the exam.
How do I engage with other CNPs and CNP learners? We’ll host 3-5 live sessions that allow you to network, study together, or hear from experts in the nonprofit sector. You are able to connect with CNPs and CNP learners once you complete the program and become a CNP yourself.
Do I have to take an Exam? At the end of each course, you will take a 25-question exam. These exams are open-book and in a multiple-choice format. You will sit for a 100-question timed exam. You must achieve a 76% to pass.
Can I earn CFRE Points? Eligible to earn 51 points in Category 1.B (Education of the CFRE International application for initial certification and/or recertification) after program completion. Not eligible for CFRE points
Elevate: A Virtual Conference for Social Sector Leaders Complementary tickets included in your tuition. Tickets are not included in your tuition
What is the price? $1800 $875

What does it take to earn a CNP?

When you earn your CNP, you will be part of a global network of professionals leading teams that make our world better. Every person who wears a CNP badge meets five requirements. Hover over each icon to learn more. Test your knowledge by taking the CNP Sample Quiz.

volunteer service

Volunteer Service

professional experience

Professional Experience

nonprofit knowledge skills

Nonprofit Knowledge and Skills

leadership development

Leadership Development

general learning


Professional Track

Program Outline

Professional Track Sample Outline Photo

Accelerated Track

Program Outline

Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) Accelerated Professional Track Sample Outline

Ariel Kaylor, CNP

Meet our CNP Program Manager!

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The CNP Professional Track provided a holistic deep-dive into the world of Nonprofit Operations that securely positioned me in my new role as a Director. The content was very rich and comprehensive, yet extremely approachable, with practical steps to implement into my organization. This program really leveled up my 15 years of nonprofit experience and was well worth it!

April L. Carter, CNP

Stefanie O’Brien

“Because of this program, I was able to lead and guide discussions at my organization about changes and investments we could make to improve our impact. This program gave me the confidence and know-how. I am grateful, not just for the impact on me as a leader, but also what it will do for those we serve. Who knew so much could change in just 6 months!”

Stefanie O’Brien, CNP