Advanced Certified Nonprofit Professional (ACNP)

The ACNP is the next step to the CNP credential. This renewable credential recognizes your leadership and expertise in social sector organizations. As the sector evolves, the ACNP shows the world you’re more than capable leading the charge.

Which pathway to earning the ACNP do you qualify for?

Advanced Certified Nonprofit Professional (ACNP) credential (1)

Advanced CNP

Already a Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) with 5 or more years of experience and at least one year of managerial experience? Then you’re ready to join the nonprofit sector’s most elite network of leaders! The cost of $300 includes your digital badge, certificate, and acknowledgment letter.

Your holding of the Advanced CNP may be renewed upon completion of requirements every 3 years at a discounted rate

Bundle Your CNP & ACNP Credential

Perfect for nonprofit professionals with significant experience looking to earn both the nationally recognized Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) and Advanced Certified Nonprofit Professional (ACNP) in an expedited manner. This bundle includes an independent, on-demand study and exam process for a total cost of $1025.

What path do you qualify for?

Why the ACNP?

The Advanced CNP showcases your preparedness for the pivotal role a nonprofit leader plays in transforming our communities and our world.

Open laptop with a degree cap on the screen

Showcase Your Expertise

Digital badges and the metadata associated with them make it easy for employers to locate you and your skills! ACNPs also have the opportunity serve on expert panels, such as presenting at Elevate.

Two stick figures sitting at a table with a puzzle piece in between their faces to signify they are working together to solve difficult problems as Advanced CNPs

Advance Your Career

Employers value employees who go the extra mile! After earning the ACNP, we’ll send a letter acknowledging your achievement. Join exclusive events for ACNPs to connect, share, and learn from one another.

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So Many Benefits!

As an ACNP, you can access all Leaderosity courses at a 20% discount. Plus – everyone on your team is eligible for a 20% discount to enroll in any Alliance Program or Leaderosity Training.

What does it take to earn the ACNP?

When you earn your ACNP, you will join an elite network of professionals leading organizations that make our world better. Every person who wears a ACNP credential meets five requirements. The Advanced CNP must be renewed every 3 years. Hover over each icon to learn more.

nonprofit knowledge skills

Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP/American Humanics)

leadership development

Professional Experience

professional experience

Professional Development

volunteer service

Volunteer Service

general learning

Final Verification

It’s Renewable?

Advanced credentials commonly require regular renewal. This ensures that credential holders are staying up to date with current trends, the latest industry developments, and the best leadership practices in the sector.

The ACNP credential is valid for three years. The credential can be renewed by submitting evidence that credential holders are continuing their work in the nonprofit sector and staying up to date with current trends and industry developments. Prior to your renewal date, you will be prompted to provide documentation to evidence your continued commitment to the sector.

The cost of renewal is $200. This rate will increase to $250 if your renewal lapses more than 30 days, and to $300 if your renewal lapses more than six months. 

Program Outline

Advanced CNP Program Outline

Ariel Kaylor, CNP

Meet our CNP Program Manager!

Have some questions? Schedule a meeting with Ariel personally!

Meet an Advanced CNP!

Advanced CNP, Sara Cobb smiling in a professional orange top

Sara Cobb, M.Ed., ACNP

Program Manager, Student Leadership Initiatives

With over 15 years of expertise in the field of Career and Technical Education (CTE), Sara is a true trailblazer in educational innovation and program development! Transitioning from teaching in 2015, Sara founded Seeds for Learning LLC, an educational consulting organization specializing in CTE teacher services, program management, and association/organization support.

Advanced CNP, Krystina Edwards

Krystina Edwards, ACNP

Community Engagement Manager, Ruth Ellis Center

With close to 13 impactful years working and volunteering in the nonprofit sector and armed with a Bachelor’s in Non-Profit Management from Western Michigan University, Krystina embodies the spirit of dedication and commitment that defines our sector! Her relentless pursuit of making a tangible difference speaks volumes about her dream of creating a brighter, more inclusive world.