Anjelica Hall, CNP (Certified Nonprofit Professional), is a shining example of dedication in the nonprofit sector. This exclusive interview gives us a peek into her remarkable career journey, her enthusiasm for the nonprofit sector, and the transformative role of the CNP credential in her career.

A Commitment to Service

Anjelica Hall, a CNP since 2012, shows us the power of sticking to your community and believing in the impact you can achieve. As we sat down to explore her career journey, a recurring theme emerged – her unwavering dedication to serving others.

As a young girl growing up in Memphis, Tennessee, Anjelica’s mother was diligent in finding opportunities for her to learn and develop as a leader. She served in various roles in Girl Scouts, youth group, and student council, igniting her passion for service to her peers and community. As a high school student, she found herself deeply embedded in the work of the National Association of Student Councils, serving not only as her high school’s student council president but as a local, state, and regional leader. 

Planting the Seeds of Change

It was in college at the University of Memphis she had the “a-ha” moment that would shape her career. It was here that Anjelica had the opportunity to participate in the American Humanics program, the predecessor to today’s Nonprofit Leadership Alliance. She emphasizes how the program sparked her interest. “When I was still a graphic design major, I chanced upon a campus informational meeting for American Humanics and thought ‘I can do the types of things that I did in student council as a career. I changed majors the next week and never looked back,'” Anjelica shares.

Intrigued by the idea of turning her passion for community service into a career, Anjelica began earning her CNP credential. The program provided her with the opportunity to not only develop valuable skills but also forge meaningful connections. “I got to meet so many great people with unique backgrounds and innovative solutions. I learned so much just from being in the room,” Anjelica reflects, a nod to the network she built during the early days of her career.

A Pathway to Success

Anjelica’s journey didn’t follow a conventional path, and that’s what makes her story so compelling. She embarked on a series of internships, each with a very distinct focus. Her journey included roles in fundraising and staffing at organizations including ALSAC/St. Jude, TNTP (The New Teacher Project), and the Make-A-Wish Foundation, where she was a NextGen Fellow through American Humanics.. These experiences laid the groundwork for her career, helping her to step into leadership roles shortly after graduating but already prepared to serve.

Looking back, Anjelica highlights the role that the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance played in her success. “The program equipped me with a depth and breadth of nonprofit knowledge, experience, and best practices. I remember my professor emphasizing that having a degree specific to nonprofit management would make us valuable in the sector–and she was right. It also gave me economic stability and mobility as soon as I graduated, which was critical in the time of the Recession,” she says. She also recalls Susan Tomlinson Schmidt, ACNP, campus director, professor, and former Alliance president, as being instrumental to the success of the program at the University of Memphis. She remembers Susan and Dr. Leigh Hershey being not only phenomenal leaders, but role models.

Anjelica Hall, CNP, State Director of Strategic Partnerships, ASD Tennessee Department of Education

A Fresh Take on Talent

Anjelica’s journey led her to a variety of roles, including program management, community engagement, and talent development. She has worked with Teach for America Memphis, KIPP Memphis, Education Pioneers, and the Harvard Graduate School of Education, a testament to her diverse skill set. Her current role with Foster America allows her to harness her skills in creative ways, focusing on talent recruitment, support, and transformation.

During our conversation, Anjelica had some great advice to emerging professionals entering the nonprofit sector. “Market yourself,” she recommends, underscoring the importance of demonstrating your value to potential employers. She also highlights the significance of creating a portfolio, emphasizing the power of visual storytelling in today’s digital world. And when it comes to your resume, Anjelica suggests focusing on achievements that showcase scale, innovation, and impact – qualities that set you apart.

Anjelica Hall and the rest of her nonprofit staff at Foster America

An Inspiring Journey

Anjelica’s story isn’t just a testament to her unwavering dedication; it’s also an inspiration for aspiring nonprofit professionals. Her journey proves that with the right skills and a drive to make a difference, anyone can create a lasting impact.

In closing, Anjelica tells us about her desire to give back as an alum of the program, an aspiration that again signifies her lifelong commitment to service. Her message to the next generation of nonprofit professionals is clear – embrace the journey, create meaningful change, and remember that every step toward community betterment adds to a story of hope and progress. Anjelica Hall, CNP, is living proof that the path to success is paved by passion, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to making the world a better place.

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