Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Announces Military Discount on National Hire a Veterans Day


Date: July 24, 2023

CONTACT: Shara Szott, Chief Solutions Officer,

The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance is pleased to announce a special Military Discount to all Veterans and Active Service Members. This exclusive discount aims to support military members on their path to success in the nonprofit sector.

Recognizing the invaluable contributions and dedication of military members, the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance is offering a significant discount of $200 off the CNP Professional Track, a nationally recognized 6-month program that equips individuals with the essential skills and knowledge to excel in the nonprofit sector. This discount is an ongoing initiative, starting from July 24th and will be available indefinitely.

At the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, we understand the importance of serving others, a principle deeply ingrained in the military experience. We believe that your dedication to making a difference can continue through serving your community and the nonprofit sector. By participating in the CNP Professional Track program, veterans and active military members can further enhance their leadership skills, acquire specialized knowledge, and broaden their impact on society.

To take advantage of this exclusive discount, eligible individuals are required to provide proper documentation. We have made the process simple and convenient! Please verify your military status here.


About the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance 

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