Written by David LeFebvre, CNP, CFRE
Reading Time: 2 minutes

As I returned to the office after a little more than a year and a half, I felt all the emotions – joy, nervousness, excitement. What would my desk look like? How would I manage video calls from my cubicle? Who would I see? Did I remember where to park? 

Now I have been going back into the office for a little over two months and here are some things I found when I returned:

  • Joy of Seeing People – Prepare for an overwhelming feeling when you see people in person for the first time. The same people you have been seeing in video calls. People you knew before we were all working from home indefinitely. People who started working during the pandemic. As a natural extrovert, my heart was full of seeing people in person, but I can imagine how this might feel for others. Either way, my suggestion – celebrate this moment we have been longing for.
  • Video Calls – Reflect back on all the new technology we learned over the last year and a half. “Being video camera-ready” and “navigating the mute button” is a whole new world in the office. When you get back in the office, it takes time to adjust to navigating new technology with your old setup. Headphones are key!
  • Flexibility – Remember when you went to the gym and ran errands after work? Remember when you had to wait to do laundry for the weekend? When returning to the office, you will need to practice flexibility again. Be kind to yourself, it takes time to adjust to this new schedule and you will indeed be tired!

I’m not alone in my feelings. Many of you have either made the transition back into the office or might be soon. You’re invited to attend a free live panel hosted by the Association of CNPs Executive Committee, Life After the Pandemic: What’s the new normal for nonprofit professionals? You can register here.

Attend the event to hear from two HR professionals, April Friend, PHR, MHRM, CNP and Kaci Mobley, CNP as they answer questions like: How are office cultures changing post-COVID and are hiring practices affected? I hope to see you there!

Are You Ready to Return to the Office?