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The Certified Nonprofit Professional credential is the only nationally recognized credential in nonprofit management that provides learning and real world experience. Our program means you will perform better in your job and be seven times (7x) more likely to be a leader where you work.

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Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) Sample Quiz

Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) Sample Quiz

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All 501(c)(3) recognized organizations, except religious institutions, are required to file annually with the IRS.
Which of the following solicitation methods is the most effective?
Some researchers refer to the evolving focus of nonprofit organizations on social enterprise activities as the Fourth Sector. What differentiates this type of organization?
The value of systems thinking as a tool for innovation highlights the importance of
All nonprofit programs must be self-sustaining in order to be effective.
A key component of effective program design includes an explanatory if/then statement which outlines problems and solutions, referred to as:
The private inurement doctrine:
Internal controls are the checks and balances within an organization intended to protect against misappropriation of a nonprofit's resources.
Following the tragedies of September 11, 2001, many US citizens were suddenly treated differently because of their religion or their appearance. This is an example of
Market segmentation is best used when all of an organization's stakeholders are very similar.

CNP Competencies and Learning Topics

Since 1948, the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance has focused its certification on the competencies required for the success of nonprofit managers and leaders. While the list has evolved over the years, competencies remain at the center of the knowledge, skills, and abilities recognized by the Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential.

What does it take to earn a CNP?

When you earn your CNP, you will be part of a global network of professionals leading teams that make our world better. Every person who wears a CNP badge meets five requirements. Hover over each icon to learn more.

volunteer service

Volunteer Service

professional experience

Professional Experience

nonprofit knowledge skills

Nonprofit Knowledge and Skills

leadership development

Leadership Development

general learning


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