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Leaderosity Library

Leaderosity Library features courses covering a range of nonprofit leadership and management topics. The courses are developed by experts in the field and are geared for professionals who want to put what they learn into practice. Your organization can offer access to these courses to your staff, volunteers or members through an organizational subscription, an exclusive course offering or a fully-branded platform.

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Course Catalog

Coaching as a Leadership Tool:

3 Part Series Certificate

This three-course, self-guided learning path is built to have you explore your own values and strengths as a leader. By using these coaching strategies, you will make your role less stressful while also building the capacity and productivity of your organization. Participants who complete all course requirements are eligible for the digital badge in Coaching as a Leadership Tool.

Nonprofit Program Design (1)

Nonprofit Program Design

4 Part Series Certificate

Designing Nonprofit Programs is a series of four short courses on the important knowledge and skills needed to plan and implement effective mission-focused programs. Participants who complete all course requirements are eligible for the digital badge in Nonprofit Program Design.

Effective Staff Supervision: 3 course certificate

Effective Staff Supervision:

3 Part Series Certificate

Staff management is a powerful tool that should be added to every leader’s toolbelt. This series of 3 short courses is designed for nonprofit professionals new to supervisory roles, experienced supervisors new to the nonprofit sector, and those interested in a refresher.

CFRE: Part 1 (2 points) Part 2 (1 point) Part 3 (3 points)

Leaders for Equity & Social Justice:

3 Part Series Certificate

This three-course, self-guided learning path will help your organization regardless of where you are at in terms of embracing Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion as values essential to advancing its mission. Participants who complete all course requirements are eligible for the digital badge in Leaders for Equity and Social Justice.

Free Course: What's Fair Exploring Social Justice in America (1)

What’s Fair? Exploring Social Justice in America.

Social justice is complicated. No matter what your personal, professional or community roles are, the topic is difficult to pin down. This short course helps you gain the confidence to engage in conversations and activities to advance social justice in organizations and communities.

Leaderosity Libary on demand course: Coaching Coversations

Build Your Organization’s Bench: Leadership and Coaching Conversations

In our uncertain, complex, and fast-paced world, being an effective leader and manager has never been harder. This course is about using a coaching strategy to make your role less stressful while building the capacity of your team members and the productivity of the organization.

Risk Leadership: Inspiring Teams to Embrace and Manage Risk

Sound, successful risk leadership sets the stage for nonprofit teams to take more risks to advance their missions. Risk management is not simply about avoiding losses, mitigating unfortunate circumstances and downside events, or being the “department of NO.”

Certified nonprofit professional teaching young student

Ethical Leadership for Social Impact

Ethical Leadership is designed to help current and aspiring social-impact leaders unleash the potential in themselves by providing critical knowledge and skills needed to lead with an ethical lens.

Leaderosity Library Course: The Equity Journey CRFE Certified

The Equity Journey

Whether you are early in your career or established in the C-suite, cultural competency is an essential skill that will bolster your success as a leader. This equity lens allows you to foster meaningful relationships with the many stakeholders who are critical to your organization’s mission and impact.

CFRE Points: 2

Crisis communication for non profit leaders

Crisis Communication for Nonprofit Leaders

This course focuses on the knowledge and activities that nonprofit organizations use to understand, inform and influence their various constituencies in times of crisis. While you cannot predict when a crisis will occur, your organization can be prepared to handle the unexpected and mitigate negative consequences.

Building team capacity

Building Team Capacity

The Building Team Capacity article training series features topics appropriate for team professional development. Each document provides instructions for conducting the sessions virtually in small groups.

The self aware leader-Leaderosity

The Self-Aware Leader

Explore your leadership values and ideals, increase your understanding of the leader’s roles with a focus on equity, and develop the confidence to be an authentic leader.

CFRE Points: 2.75

Equity and non profit organiation success

Equity & Nonprofit Organization Success

This course is designed to help your organization embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion as values essential to advancing its mission.

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