What the CNP Means to Me

Written by Ariel Kaylor, CNP
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Justice. Equity. Service. Love.

These are the qualities and actions I imagine when I think about the CNP. They are also my greatest passions.

I have worked closely with the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance in several different capacities for almost four years. My introduction to the CNP was my freshman year at Maryville College (go SCOTS!). Straight out of high school, I wanted to be a veterinarian and when I quickly realized that was not the profession for me, my world went a little awry. I’d wanted to be a veterinarian since I could remember so for that to change was a wild concept. As a sophomore in college, I stumbled to find the right major(s), but what I knew is I loved to serve and help others and the CNP program offered just that.

I quickly connected and engaged more with Maryville’s NLA chapter where my campus director taught me so much more about the CNP, the requirements, benefits, and ways that I could get involved. I realized with my other engagements on campus and in my personal life I had already fulfilled over half of the competencies required and the other half seemed like no-brainers, things I already wanted to learn and pursue.

Through NLA, I found internships that changed my future career path and altered my life in a way that was more service-oriented and fulfilling to my life. I worked with a myriad of demographics, including students from elementary to high school, refugees who were settling in America, children and adults with disabilities improving their social and motor skills through equine therapy, families working with Habitat for Humanity to better their lives and community as a whole, and so much more!

As a senior in college, I was awarded the opportunity to be an Ambassador for the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance and gain experience aiding a conference with over 400 attendees and 40 presenters. I was also a Career Development Award recipient, which enabled me to complete a 300-hour internship and gain invaluable experience in the nonprofit sector. To sum it up, the CNP has helped create a path to where I am today. The program and people at NLA have helped me find my passions and pursue them, while also being able to make a living.

Justice, equity, service, and love are my greatest passions and the CNP allows me to live that every day.

Become A CNP.