Legacy Campus Track

We are a network of colleges and universities preparing the next generation of leaders. Check to see if your university is a Legacy Campus.

Legacy Campus Track

Our Legacy Campus programs offer a preferred track to prepare students for the Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential. These registered campuses have courses covering the 10 core competencies that are hallmarks of the certification program. Student associations on each campus give our CNP candidates a place to connect, serve and learn.

What does the Legacy Campus Track cost?

All students who are in good standing with their campus pay a fee of $100. This includes access to the independent study guide, CNP Central, Career L!FT and the CNP exam. CNPs will also receive the CNP digital badge and blockchain certificate.

What does it take to earn a CNP?

When you earn your CNP, you will be part of a global network of professionals leading teams that make our world better. Every person who wears a CNP badge meets five requirements. Hover over each icon to learn more. 

You’ll need volunteer service to earn a nonprofit leadership certificate on the workforce track. Volunteer Service
Demonstrate nonprofit knowledge and skills when gaining your nonprofit leadership certificate. Professional Experience
Attend conferences to demonstrate leadership development while earning your nonprofit leadership certificate. Nonprofit Knowledge and Skills
General learning is necessary to participate in the global economy and democracy, making it necessary for earning a nonprofit leadership certificate. Leadership Development
General learning is necessary to participate in the global economy and democracy, making it necessary for earning a nonprofit leadership certificate. General Learning

What can you expect?

CNP Central

Our portal for all things related to earning the CNP. This one-stop hub combines announcements, resources, discussion groups, blogs and your credential profile — all in one convenient location.

Career L!FT

Also on CNP Central, all things related to building your career in the social sector are here. Get tips on writing a resume, completing your LinkedIn profile, finding a job, attending an interview and so much more.

Mentor Match

Pair up with one of our CNPs working in the social sector. Ask questions you aren’t sure who to ask. Practice interview skills. Get advice on preparing your resume or building your LinkedIn profile. Our alumni are the most valuable asset of our entire network. Tap into their know-how.

CNP badge and certificate

Show off your accomplishment on all of your digital platforms with our custom CNP digital badge, issued by Acclaim. The format is easy to import to your email signature line, LinkedIn and other social media. You will also receive a CNP certificate in nonprofit management suitable for printing. The block chain format means your certificate is always accessible and verified.

Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Career Development Award

The Career Development Award program is designed to eliminate the barrier of an unpaid internship (in-person or virtual) and increase diversity of the nonprofit workforce by providing $2,000 internship stipends for students completing their Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) credential. Learn more here!

Arizona State University

Dr. Robert Ashcraft

(602) 496-0183

Anne Kotleba, CNP

(602) 496-0188

Antioch University

Bob Lazzarini, CNP

(310) 578-1080 ext. 291

Brigham Young University

Todd Manwaring

(801) 422-1781

Central Michigan University

Dr. Emma Powell, CNP

(989) 774-1309

Coppin State University

Tenyo Pearl, CNP

(410) 951-3522

Georgia College

Kelley Ditzel

(478) 445-3209

Georgia State University

Amber Slyter, CNP

(404) 413-0000

Indiana State University

Dr. Nathan Schaumleffel, CNP

(812) 237-2189

Kennesaw State University

Dr. Jennifer Wade-Berg, CNP

(470) 578-2878

Maryville College

Amy Gilliland, CNP

(865) 981-8122

Missouri Valley College

Heather Troth, CNP

(660) 831-4231

Salisbury University

Carolina Bown, Ph.D, CNP

(410) 543-6254

Slippery Rock University

Alice Del Vecchio

(724) 738-4192

South Dakota State University

Kimberly Gustafson

(605) 688-4684

University of Central Florida

Dr. Stephanie Krick, CNP

(407) 823-0661

University of Colorado

Dr. Wendy Bolyard

(303) 315-2129

University of Hawai’i

Morgen Johansen

(808) 956-7551

University of Houston

Lillian Ortiz, MSW

University of Northern Iowa

Dr. Julianne Gassman, CNP

(319) 273-2204

Kristina Kofoot, CNP

(319) 273-4507

University of San Diego

Laura Deitrick

(619) 260-2903