In the nonprofit sector, effective leadership plays a vital role in bringing about significant change. The Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) program, administered by the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, proudly recognizes the hard work of the 58 exceptional leaders who have joined the esteemed CNP January Cohort. This nonprofit training program, conducting only four cohorts annually, stands as a crucial opportunity for leaders within the nonprofit sector. After three months of intensive learning and application, these leaders have officially reached the midway point.

Visionary Leaders

These 58 individuals go beyond being mere participants; they’re visionaries fueled by a passion to make the world a better place. Thriving in an ever-evolving sector that demands adaptability, innovation, and a deep understanding of its unique challenges, these leaders are well-prepared to not only meet but exceed expectations.

Every member of the CNP January Cohort has shown a profound commitment to the core principles of nonprofit leadership. They’ve already embarked on their journey towards shaping a brighter future for nonprofits, utilizing the knowledge and skills gained from this intensive six-month program.

Grid Design with photos of Certified Nonprofit Professional Learners

To name a few:

  • Amber Jones, Development Associate, Serenade Heights
  • Ellen Kehl, Associate Director, The Nonprofit Partnership
  • Chelsea Mattson, Director of Operations, Safety Compass
  • Tracy Powell, Manager, Member Services, U.S. Travel Association
  • Phillip Rauscher, Executive Director, American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygenists
  • Petey Roach, Program Manager, Doyon Foundation
  • Connie Satzler, President, EnVisage Consulting, Inc.
  • Kisha Thomas, Director of Program Development
  • Haas Williams, Program Director, Foster Youth in Action

These 58 individuals have made a commitment to their professional development. They are poised to make a significant impact in the nonprofit sector. We can’t wait to see what they do!

The Importance of Nonprofit Leadership

Nonprofit organizations play an essential role in addressing critical social issues. Effective leadership is crucial for these organizations to thrive and continue to serve their communities. The CNP program’s curriculum ensures that these leaders are well-versed in nonprofit management, program design, leadership, financial stewardship, marketing, fundraising, and the latest trends shaping the sector.

About the Nonprofit Training Program

This nonprofit training program is a six-month cohort designed to move social sector leaders to their next level of leadership. You have an expert facilitator leading you through six courses of content and providing feedback on your applied projects. These assignments take what you learn in the program and apply it to a real-world organization.

Sample Program Outline:

Management & Leadership in the Nonprofit Sector:

  • Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector
  • The Nonprofit Organization Context
  • Nonprofit Human Resources
  • Ethics & Values in the Nonprofit Sector

Designing Programs for Long-Term Sustainability:

  • Developing the Program’s Theory of Change
  • Resource Allocation for Nonprofit Programs
  • Basics of Effective Program Design

Nonprofit Budget and Financial Management:

  • The Financial Model of Nonprofit Organizations
  • Components & Procedures for Nonprofit Budgeting
  • Nonprofit Monitoring, Compliance & Accountability

Nonprofit Marketing & Communications:

  • Understanding Your Target Audiences
  • External Messaging & Advocacy
  • Crisis Messaging & Using Social Media

Nonprofit Fundraising & Resource Development:

  • Structure and Responsibility of the Fundraising Role
  • Know Your Donors
  • Creating a Culture of Philanthropy

Nonprofit Trends & Innovation:

  • External Factors That Impact Nonprofit Decision-Making
  • Emerging Trends in Organizational Governance & Structure
  • Advanced Technologies & the Global Nature of the Nonprofit Sector

Want to learn more about the Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) program for you or your staff? Learn more here!

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