In the constantly evolving social sector, leadership is key to making a meaningful impact. The Certified Nonprofit Professional (CNP) program, offered by the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, recognizes this need and is pleased to announce the 55 outstanding individuals joining its prestigious CNP September Cohort. This nationally recognized program, which offers only four cohorts each year, is a pivotal step for leaders working in the nonprofit sector. 

55 Social Sector Visionaries 

These 55 individuals are more than just participants; they are visionaries, driven by the desire to transform the world, for the better. In a sector that demands flexibility, innovation, and a profound understanding of the unique challenges it faces, these leaders are well-prepared to rise to the occasion. 

Each member of the CNP September Cohort has demonstrated a deep commitment to the principles of nonprofit leadership. They have already begun their journey to shape a brighter future for nonprofits, using the knowledge and skills they will gain from this six-month program. 

social sector leaders selected for certified nonprofit professional September cohort

 To name a few:

  • Aimee Arent, Friends of Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge 
  • Aiza Ashraf, Director of Equity & Community Impact, United Way of Lancaster County 
  • Lorrena Black, VP Leadership Development, Inforum 
  • Skylar Champalath, Development & Communications Manager, Waterloo Schools Foundation 
  • Valerie C. Delgado, JCFRC Operations Manager & SAGE Care Program Manager 
  • Stacia Novella Frederick, Author, Entrepreneur, Program Manager 
  • Connor Giresi, Account Executive, Double the Donation 
  • RoseMary Klie, Senior Director of Operations, Diabetes Foundation 
  • Tracy McKenna, Executive Director, The Ascent Scholarship 
  • Jennifer M Moore, CEO/Program Director, Y.O.U.T.H. Inc. 
  • Maricela Morado, President & CEO, Area Agency on Aging for Southwest Florida 
  • Alaine Nix, Director of Advocacy, CASA of Galveston County 
  • Amy C. Powell, Executive Director, Art Reach of Mid Michigan 
  • Shenique Rasheed, Education Coordinator, KERA 
  • Jamillah Renard, Project Advisor, Movement Strategy Center 
  • Liz Smith, Individual Giving Coordinator, Fund for Global Human Rights 


The Importance of Nonprofit Leadership 

Nonprofit organizations play an essential role in addressing critical social issues. Effective leadership is crucial for these organizations to thrive and continue to serve their communities. The CNP program’s curriculum ensures that these leaders are well-versed in nonprofit management, leadership, financial stewardship, marketing, fundraising, and the latest trends shaping the sector. 

About the Program 

The CNP Professional Track is a six-month cohort designed to move social sector leaders to their next level of leadership. You have an expert facilitator leading you through six courses of content and providing feedback on your applied projects. These assignments take what you learn in the program and apply it to a real-world organization.  

Sample Program Outline: 

Management & Leadership in the Nonprofit Sector: 

  • Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector 
  • The Nonprofit Organization Context 
  • Nonprofit Human Resources 
  • Ethics & Values in the Nonprofit Sector 

Designing Programs for Long-Term Sustainability: 

  • Developing the Program’s Theory of Change 
  • Resource Allocation for Nonprofit Programs 
  • Basics of Effective Program Design 

Nonprofit Budget and Financial Management: 

  • The Financial Model of Nonprofit Organizations 
  • Components & Procedures for Nonprofit Budgeting 
  • Nonprofit Monitoring, Compliance & Accountability 

Nonprofit Marketing & Communications:

  • Understanding Your Target Audiences 
  • External Messaging & Advocacy 
  • Crisis Messaging & Using Social Media 

Nonprofit Fundraising & Resource Development: 

  • Structure and Responsibility of the Fundraising Role 
  • Know Your Donors 
  • Creating a Culture of Philanthropy 

Nonprofit Trends & Innovation: 

  • External Factors That Impact Nonprofit Decision-Making 
  • Emerging Trends in Organizational Governance & Structure 
  • Advanced Technologies & the Global Nature of the Nonprofit Sector 

The selection of these 55 individuals for the CNP September Cohort is a testament to the unwavering commitment of the social sector’s current and future leaders. They are poised to make a significant impact in the nonprofit sector.

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